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Decanting Blueberry Cordials with Hannah and Catherine

Raise a glass to friendship, SEJ travels together, native plants, pollinators, adventures to come.

Hannah, Catherine, and Charlotte sample decanted delights.

What are gardeners to do when the soil's frozen? And the sun sets at 4:30?

Ahhh. Recall June with its abundance of fresh, ripe, flavorful blueberries and raspberries. Then check the pantry for an experiment with drunken berries. Yummy fruit cordials in the making. Rectangular, thick-glass jars and various bottles filled with berries steeped in vodka and sugar (cinnamon sticks and lemon slices too) for four months. I started with unflavored spirits. Got wild and crazy with clementine and citron.

The Basic Recipe is easy. One cup sugar, two cups vodka, three cups berries. Pour sugar and vodka over the berries. Stir, Place on a shelf for three, four months. Stir once or twice a month. When the time's right, decant. That is, strain the elixir into a colander, separating berries from liquor. Pour liquor into smaller glass bottles. Taste. Savor. Share.

Our favorite combo - sweet and tart blueberry, lemon, and clementine.


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