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I've written for State-By-State Gardening EZine


Edible Fig

Poison Ivy

Starting Seeds

Winter Pruning

Wacky Weather Time Warp

Growing Nutritious Veggies

Phosphorous-Free Lawn Care

American Style Floral Arranging

Preserving Ancient Trees at the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania





Biokovo’ Geranium

Edible Fig

Pink Muhly Grass

Anise Tree

Winter Camellias

Purple Coneflower

Chinese Woodland Peony

False Cypress

'Lady in Black' Aster lateriflorus

Lagerstroemia 'Pocomoke'




A Larger Perspective on Poison Ivy. The American Gardener  The Magazine of the American Horticultural Society. Sept.-Oct. 2014.


Pennsylvania Gardener Magazine~Carolina Gardener Magazine~Indiana Gardener Magazine~Iowa Gardener Magazine~Kentucky Gardener Magazine~Louisiana Gardener Magazine~Minnesota Gardener Magazine~Missouri Gardener Magazine



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